The Body is Our Home is a mixed media exhibition by emerging Asian-American artist Crissian Chen about self-identity, corporeal spaces, feelings, moments of time, and the liminality of transformations are all elements tied to the body.  How we perceive ourselves lies within the body and how we transcend goes beyond and outward. The body is a vessel of our experiences that reflects loss, struggle, crisis, tranquility, discovery, ecstasy, and impermanence.
Crissìan Chen (b.1982) is an emerging Asian-American artist working with mediums related to media.  After studying Anthropology at the University of Central Florida in the early 2000s, he began a career as an artist; graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a Masters of Fine Art.   Combining the themes he learned from Anthropology, his work focuses on systems and their relationship between human behaviors.  Influenced by our perception of systems through language, many of his works revolve around themes related to philosophy.  Beyond using photography, moving images, and sound, he also writes.  Based out of Baltimore, he also works with Sight Unseen as a workshop coordinator. ​​​​​​​
Instagram:  @crissianc
John and Tristan - 2010
Black Snake Moan - 2011
American Barbie - 2013

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