The Face of Tomorrow
For “Black History Month” Galerie SLP has teamed up 
with the Cameroonian multidisciplinary artist as part of 
a group exhibition in Berlin’s City West. 
Guy Koukam’s artwork is visually striking, it illustrates the results of cultural mixing and the human experiences.As tradition is facing modernisation, the human image is at the center of the works, opening a window on the question of identity. 
In a unique form of Afrofuturism the art creates a bridge, linking history and future in an exploration of freedom and encourages the viewer to discover opportunities for the creation of a new world. 
“I’m a daydreamer. As a man, I consider myself a citizen of the world, open and sensitive to all that surrounds him. I am enriched by my experiences and especially my encounters with people and elements from other cultures that I have the opportunity to discover.”
Guy Kouekam’s universe embraces various
modes of creation. From street art, to 
digital, through the more conventional 
canvas or installation, he moves freely 
guided by his desires. Thus the expression
of  his art through these different mediums 
carries that message of freedom and builds 
towards the democratization of his works, 
with the goal of making them accessible.
The artists’ creations represent the fruit 
of his thought, engaging with the observer 
in dialogue about his personal experience and 
motivating them to sense the portrayal of 
human future.

The timeline is diffuse but the message is 
clear. Guy’s African origin sets the pace for 
his creations, aesthetics are essential, 
a universal language that accompanies the
beauty and warmth in balance with the colors and 
patterns which naturally refer the viewers to the 
folklore of the black continent. It is like therapy giving 
us free rein to an intrinsic need of finding the origins 
of a place or to seeing the faces of tomorrow, in a way 
remembering the future.

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