Dec. 11th - Dec. 16th, 11:00 - 19:00 
Smoking Birds by Moena Weiss​​​​​​​ Galerie SLP, Bikini Berlin 1. OG - Free Entry
Smoking birds by Moena Weiss is a collection of portraits which depict an individual's transformation process. The uniqueness of the individual in this process is displayed through the progression of the photos in the series. Moena conveys the inherent beauty in the diverse human experience. She wants the subjects of her portraits to see what she sees through the lens of her camera when looking at their image. The artist is fascinated by the different facets of humanity and how photography can capture a person’s way of existing, moving, feeling. To share this process while  taking pictures is one of the most beautiful things for her, because in the end we all want to be seen by others as we are.
Instagram: @shotbymoena
Nov. 19th - Dec. 9th, 11:00 - 19:00 
Requiem for a Dollar by Aziya Ikhtymbayeva​​​​​​​ Galerie SLP, Bikini Berlin 1. OG - Free Entry
Requiem for a Dollar is an exhibition that exposes how the capitalist system is built upon inequality. With the recent Covid 19 epidemic, its flaws became more prominent than ever and inspired Ikhtymbayeva to address questions regarding its core idea: money. She develops the concept of ‘souvenir’ currency to explore society’s shift towards digital currency. This change will render physical money as merely a souvenir from the past; nothing more than a piece of paper which humanity valorized.
Instagram: @aziya
Nov. 04 - Nov. 16th, 11:00 - 19:00 
Biophiliac by Valeria Valdizan Galerie SLP, Bikini Berlin 1. OG - Free Entry

Artist Statement:
Having been born and raised in Latin America, I have had the benefit and privilege to be close to the exuberance of nature, where I have found not only a refuge from the contemporary technological scenery but also an approach to my roots as a human being. The contact of humans with nature is something that has accompanied us since the beginning of time and it is also where we will always find our balance as living organisms. Unifying our existence to the natural world is where I think we will find the answers to how to evolve as a society and as individuals.
The climate crisis and the pandemic are strong reminders of the vulnerability of us humans and the planet. Furthermore, in the middle of the digital age, as time passes with the hectic rhythm of the life we ​​lead, we lose more and more sensitivity and direct contact with nature and with other people. With time, all of this dehumanizes us. Now more than ever, we need to create awareness, protect the environment, reconnect with nature, and remember that we are sentient beings. 
We must re-learn to live in harmony with nature and somehow return to that consciousness that has been lost with the advancement of technology and the political systems that we carry.
Through this series of artworks, I try to reflect my personal perception and interpretation of reality and nature. Using photography as a tool and painting as my main medium, I create new images that represent visions of nature from different perspectives. Among many other characteristics that nature possesses, my paintings evoke beauty, abundance, mystery, depth, power, delicacy, strength, and harmony. The use of contrast and strong vibrant colors are the main aspects of my work.
Oct. 14 - Oct. 30th, 11:00 - 20:00 
Womanhood by Rebekka Macht Galerie SLP, Bikini Berlin 1. OG - Free Entry
The exhibition Womanhood features  (b.Düsseldorf)  Berlin-based artist, Rebekka Macht. Her large-scale portrait paintings provide an insight into the artist’s intimate reflections on the ‘woman’ label and the realities of being a single mom. Through the perspective of the female gaze, Rebekka uses her own image to explore the representation of women’s bodies, their experiences, and single motherhood. This leads her to contemplate how women can grow emotionally and spiritually from these experiences. (Her distinct color palette is inspired by her interest in nature and fashion, and which conveys a simultaneous presence of lightness and heaviness.)
Instagram:  @rebekkamacht

Oct. 7th -  Oct. 13th, 11:00 - 19:00 
The Body Is Our Home by Crissian Chen - Galerie SLP, Bikini Berlin 1. OG - Free Entry​​​​​​​
The Body is Our Home is a mixed media exhibition by emerging Asian-American artist Crissian Chen about self-identity, corporeal spaces, feelings, moments of time, and the liminality of transformations are all elements tied to the body.  How we perceive ourselves lies within the body and how we transcend goes beyond and outward. The body is a vessel of our experiences that reflects loss, struggle, crisis, tranquility, discovery, ecstasy, and impermanence.​​​​​​​
Instagram:  @crissianc

July 30th to Sept 30th, 11:00 - 19:00 
   Breathing Waves by Paola Idrontino - Galerie SLP - Bikini Berlin - West Entrance - Free Entry
This exhibition showcases textile sculptures and photographic work related to the beauty of our world’s oceans and the devastating effects of climate change on coral reefs by the renowned Italian artist Paola Idrontino. This project took two years to complete using mostly recycled materials, Paola’s work shows off her impressive handcraft technique and attention to detail with a rich array of colors and textures that will have your eyes fixated.

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